Swimming Pool Construction



We are committed to the development of top quality in-ground swimming pools, utilizing unrivaled materials and components. Our experts are cost and time proficient and have years of experience in building and commissioning the best swimming pools. Following are the phases of construction.

1. Pool Excavation: This job is done by mechanized excavator under guidance of trained staff.

2. Pool Assembly: It is the second step in the construction. Assembled panels are brought to site in the shape of pool required, and erected at site. The steel work – reinforcement – is also put into place at this time.

3. Concrete Pour: Once the panels are ready, checked for alignment, then concrete is poured on the floor and into the wall Desco panels. This is done in one go, so that there structure is homogeneous and monolithically.

4. Pool Liner Installation: The liner is then installed in your in-ground swimming pool. We offers re-enforced PVC liners with select option on colors and borders.

5. Filter Installation: A qualified electrician will then assemble and fit the filter unit, suspended on the pool wall, in the designated area.

If you are looking to hire the industry professionals in the field to deliver on your project and want to get you project done in time, within the budget, from initial concept to handover and beyond, with absolute peace of mind at every stage, then you are at right place.