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Associated Pools are expert swimming pool designers, able to plan your dream pool from conception right through to completion, inside or out. Our design consultancy service gives customers complete control over their desired swimming pool and our experience ensures you benefit from the most professional job possible. New trends for interior design, landscape design, and, of course, swimming pool design. Planning and designing a swimming pool has never been more stimulating because we have certainly come a long way from your common rectangular swimming pool. Over the years, new trends in swimming pool designing and construction have become more individual and more customized to fit the needs of each owner.

Here are some of the most popular pool design and styles options for the owner when planning their perfect pool.

Infinity Edge Swimming pool
It has been declared that the infinity pool concept originated in France and that one of the first vanishing-edge designs. An infinity edge pool is a give back where the water flows over one or more edges, generate a visual effect of water with no boundary. Such pools are usually designed so that the edge appears to combine with a larger body of water such as the ocean, or with the sky. They are usually seen at resorts and in other luxurious places.

Circular Swimming Pool
Circular pools are implying for open and larger spaces. Most of the enclose pools are circular in shapes because it is easier to build a yard for this pool shape. The yard help in maintaining the pool water quality and save it from dust and other spoil. To a large extent kid's pool follow circular pool shape, as it is highly suggested to keep pool water clean for children

Irregular Swimming Pool
The first irregular shape pools or freeform pools were built in California, which dominated residential pool design in the 20th century. An irregular pool can take on virtually any curved shape (except circles or other rounded geometric designs). However, the irregular shape has become more standard over the years. A truly irregular design does not stick to any typical pool design types. It is particularly designed around elements in nature or to blend with nature. It also is chosen for including landscaping elements such as providing inlets into the pool area.

Rectangular Swimming Pool
A rectangular pool will be easier to build, give you extreme room for swimming--especially laps.The available outdoor space you have to work is a control factor in major on a pool shape. Geometrically shaped pools are particularly more formal in nature. The linear edges of rectangular shapes are what give them the formal design. The rectangle was one of the most frequent shapes in early pool design. Its long, straight and small design is ideal for swimming laps. A rectangle with rounded corners is also a popular design that incline to tone down the formality.

Geometric Swimming Pool
What you apparently would you think of when someone says geometric swimming pool the linear, rectangular shapes that create a modern hardpoint and swimming pool The geometric pools can be built according to your grass shape but in regular and sharp geometric designs. The pool may look like a waterfall of geometric shapes onward the area. If built in a woodland area this pool will give a look of early water reserves. To present with a more enhanced look, go with green tiles at the bottom. This will give it an old rusty effect at the bottom. Planting at the sides will look massive as well.

Kidney Shaped Swimming Pool
This kidney shaped pool is like to a long oval with an mark on one side. It is a popular choice because it is beneficial to nearly any size of backyard space. The kidney-shape look like more natural. It also provides natural placement of a slight end and a deep end for swimmers. To more to the kidney-shape design, particular homeowners place a spa in the indented area and greenery. At the same time, a kidney shaped swimming pool is effortless and more space-saving than other realistic designs. The incurve of these pools can also open up allowing the pool to incurve around the corner of a house. All in all, if you're looking for a realistic design that fits in a smaller backyard, a kidney shaped pool appropriate strong consideration.

L-Shaped Swimming Pool
The l-shaped pool was a natural extension of the particular rectangular pool. L-shape type of pool is great for those who like to exercise by swimming laps, while still providing a smaller slight-end area for begineer swimmers. L-shaped pool with a 90-degree corner this pool shape gives you clearly defined areas. Absolutly what those areas are for is up to you, but particularly the two legs of an L-shaped inground pool are of inconsistent water depths and bend toward different activities. L-shaped pools are usually designed to wrap around the corner of a house. This "locked in" aspect can make the pool see like a more essential part of the property. It also provide a wider array of perspective to and from the pool.

Classic or Roman Shaped Pool
Classic pool shapes are variant of rectangular pools, and are often called Classic and Roman pools. Both are conventional in design and based on ancient pools. A Roman-shaped swimming pool has an slight curve at one or both ends of a rectangle and are also considered to be classic-shaped pools. The classic and roman shaped swimming pools are classy yet classic options for many swimming pool owners. The classic shaped swimming pool is a rectangular shape with modified 90-degree angled corners. The Roman shaped swimming pool alike in design provides a curved edge. In addition, you can change the design depending on your personal style; more modern features edges while rounded create a softer and elegant appearance.

Half Moon Shaped Pool
This shape has rounded area, creating a softer look than the intense edges of a rectangle pool. We also called the half moon pool or semi circle pool. The half-moon shape at the long end of the pool can be used for stair access. This shape is also best for swimmers, who can take benefits of the long length of the pool.

8 Shape Pool
The figure 8-shaped pool correspond to the number 8, with round or circular shapes on the ends and a small area in the middle. The ending of this type of pool do not have to be the fixed same size—one can be bigger than the other. The figure 8 shape divides the pool into two oval or round shaped pools. You can have one side with short height. You can the another round part of the 8 with deep height for adults to enjoy deep water swimming. The figure 8 shape is also favoured in beach swimming pools. The figure-8 shaped pool that is not only for a little family, however, but it can also hold a huge group of families, too.

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