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Looking for SWIMMING POOL CONSTRUCTION service? Think Associated Pools


What does the swimming pool of your dreams look like? What is the swimming pool design will take maximum benefits of your property, its landscape and its views? The options for building a custom swimming pool are immense.

There is number of swimming pool construction companies and contractors in India. Some of the companies are only provide the filtration specific companies are just constructing the swimming pool not provide the filtration. Associated Pools not just only provide the swimming pool construction services, but they do all the start to final stage swimming pool construction work and also provide the filtration services. Our technical team is the main pillar of our company, so our technical teams provides the all the information clearly and deeply to the client in the first meeting. That's why we are the leading swimming pool construction services company in the Pune city.

Associated Pools is established in 1996 as a small, family – owned swimming pool construction company in Pune. Our founder, Nitin Shukla had a vision, is to be successful provider of leading swimming pool construction. We will always aspire to strength and position and excellent for our entire client. The key to our success will always be a combination of product excellent that is backed up with vast profession capability and commitment.

A major company highlight was the construction of Padmashree. Dr. Vitthalrao Vikhe Patil foundation , Ahmednagar the biggest swimming pool in Maharashtra. The Olympic-size pool, which measure a remarkable 50*25*6 meter. Associated pools uses only quality materials and equipment, and the most highly skilled and professional technician.


The first step in the construction process is an initial meeting between the client and one of our designer and technician. During this meeting, our technician will find out what you, as the client, are looking for in the overall pool and landscape layout. All of our pools are designed specifically for each individual client view. Plans from architects or landscapers are also welcome. The technician will then take a detailed survey of the proposed area to include home and lot dimensions, location of utilities, and accessibility to the construction site. Within a few days, our design technician will have a fully prepared plan and proposed construction cost for the pool organized for you to review.

POOL LAYOUT When the plans have been accept by you or your authorized representative and all necessary approvals have been obtained, the construction process may begin. Our technician will go over the construction stages with you and help to set the pool elevation.


After the pool layout are completed, the excavation of the pool may begin. We generally use small, skid-steer front end loaders in order to reducethe pool walls and to provide added portability within the pool and around the construction site.

RCC Pool Cell

The pool shell is reinforced with steel bars, placed horizontally and vertically. The horizontal and vertical bars are placed 8" on centre to a depth of 4 feet. If the depth of the pool exceeds four feet the horizontal bars are placed at 6" on centre. Plumbing is done simultaneously following steel installation. This require the installation of main drains, skimmers, light, return line "stubs" and pre-plumbing of raised spas.


After completion of the pool cell the process of plastering begins. With whole hacking of pool cell, single coat of plastering is carried. Final coating of plaster is done with proper constituents.


Once the swimming pool is ready for waterproofing, the entire surface is coated with the membrane as per the construction team member's instructions. It is essential to check for restrictions on temperature ranges during application, to facilitate a strong bond for the waterproofing laminate. A quality product is typically plastered in three layers.

After one week of curing, a flood test is conducted to make sure the pool is watertight to begin the tile installation. However, if any leak is detected there is apparently a glitch which needs to be resolve with repairs.


The plumbing for each pool is designed individually to give it thecirculation and filtration for crystal clear water and ease of maintenance. We implement hydraulic calculations to ensure that all equipment and piping are of the correct size to combine water clarity and energy preservation.

Tile and coping

After the completion of the plumbingphase, you will be askedto choose a designingtile for the pool. We have a selection of over number ofdifferent tiles for you to choose from. No matter what colours, textures and materials are being used for the project, we will have something to fit your taste.

Filter Setup

The filter setup is the most important phase in the swimming pool construction process, our experienced technician will visit to the site and will lay all the plumbing lines which is necessary for the fixing the filtration system including water features pumps and other optional equipments.


At this stage, electrical conduits for pool lights and for pool equipment power should be run. The controlbox at the location of the pool equipment should be installed and ready for the equipment to be set. All this operations should be handled by a licensed electrician/utility specialist.

Site clean up

After the electrician stage, the swimming pool is nearing completion. We will now remove all irrelevant construction materials and waste from the construction site and prepare the pool interior to be finished.

Pool Finish

At this point, your swimming pool should be almost finished and look like it. Swimming pool contractor will do the initial start-up to get the equipment operatingproperly. He will also handle the initial balancing of the chemicals in the pool's water.

Once this is all done, swimming pool contractor will schedule a meeting with you so that you have a good understanding of how your equipment works. It's a good idea to take detailed notes, because there will be a lot of information to remember. The chemistry in your pool will likely fluctuate, requiring daily checks and some balances for a time, but it will stabilize after a while. Now it is time to enjoy our new swimming pool!